All About Birthstones
All About Birthstones
  • Choi Hyeung-jun(ST Reporter)
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Do you believe in superstitions, such as the explanations behind constellations and birthstones? People have attempted to gain knowledge about themselves and their future through such superstitions for a long time. Let us dive into the birthstone superstition and its origins, believe it or not!........................... Ed


 A birthstone is a jewel that symbolizes one’s birth month. This is a trend that originated in Europe in the 18th century, and it was created by connecting 12 jewels to the 12 months of the year. It is said that luck comes to those who have birthstones. The origin is said to have come from 12 types of jewelry in the Old Testament‘s ”Judgment Scandal,” and 12 basic stones in the new Jerusalem castle in the New Testament. However, it was in the 18th century when the trend in the jewelry industry began in earnest. The birthstones of Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States are slightly different. Later, if you go, you will see the birthstone of each day divided by 365 days.


 January is garnet. Garnet symbolizes love, truth, chastity, and friendship. It is said that people mainly use garnet as rings to have a sense of solidarity. And it was believed that if you carry it on your body when you travel, it will ward off danger. The Europeans and North American Indians believed that red garnet protected lives from death, and so they carried them around as charms.


 February is amethyst, which symbolizes chastity, sincerity, and peace. Since the ancient times, Westerners have believed that bad thoughts disappear with amethyst kept in the body, and that they become calm and wise. People believed that if someone had amethyst in their person, they would never become drunk no matter how much they drank because of its purifying property. It was also believed that a gemstone prevented infectious diseases.


 March is aquamarine representing calm, intelligence, courage, youth, and happiness. It had been believed that this stone had the power to fight evil, and so the water in which it was soaked in was used to treat eye disease. People believe that when a person with a quick personality and nervousness wears an aquamarine ring, the nerves are stabilized and the fatigue of the body is relieved. Then, in love, it symbolizes eternal and pure love.


 April is a diamond and it symbolize eternal love, happiness, and immortality. Until the 15th century, they were used as the crown jewel that only kings could possess as symbols of strength, courage, and inviolability. It is said that diamonds were used as engagement rings in 1477, when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to the princess of the Kingdom of Burgundy in France. Since then, diamonds had been considered a covenant of love, and used as engagement and wedding rings.


 May is emerald. The emerald symbolizes happiness and good luck. It is said that the beautiful green jewel symbolizes the spring of fresh green, making it the birthstone of May. It is said that the unique green color was regarded as a symbol of healing, and it was also used in the Middle Ages to relieve various curses or to treat various diseases. It is said that having emerald can help fight off the energy of a bad disease and help with childbirth.


 June is pearl and pearls symbolize beauty, purity, health, wealth, and the authority of the books. Pearl is a jewel loved by women because it means that young women have a good relationship and promise a happy family after marriage. On the other hand, it is said that a pearl can be a symbol of pain due to the pain caused by the making of the pearl, so it had been avoided as a wedding gift.


 July is ruby. Ruby symbolizes eternal life, passion, love, and peace. Ruby is said to have long been regarded as a mysterious stone symbolizing the sun, reminiscent of the unique, red-colored flames and the sun. It is said that ancient people saw Ruby as a sign of the phoenix’s rebirth in the form of a jewel. The Roman people called it ”burning coal.”


 August is peridot. Peridot symbolizes the couple‘s happiness, wisdom, and hope. Ancient sorceres used peridot because they thought it could predict the future, as it was considered a gem that gave them the power of prophecy. Peridot has been said to have the power to protect people from fear, and defeat demons at night as it shines brighter at night. Peridot, which contains the mysteries of the universe, was also a cult of Egyptian pharaohs.


 September is sapphire, which stands for benevolence, sincerity, virtue, and truth. There is a legend that sapphires protect human health and life from ominous things just because they have the power of treatment, so they are usually carried around. Moreover, it was often used as an engagement ring by the royal family. Women used sapphire powder and mixed it with honey to make powder and pack it.


 October is opal. Opal symbolizes love, truth, chastity, hope, and purity. Opal originated from the Greek word opallios meaning precious stone. It was believed that carrying opal on your body protects you from all kinds of mischief and diseases, and it also fosters spiritual ability.


 November is topaz. Topaz symbolizes friendship, patience, innocence, health, and hope. It is said that if you have topaz, you can judge it with sensitive and accurate insights and senses without being swayed by emotions. Also, some people think that it makes a person more beautiful, healthy, and good to raise his or her self-esteem and make others like him or her.


 December is turquoise. The turquoise symbolizes good luck, success, prosperity, and victory. In ancient Egypt, turquoise was recognized as a ”stone of divine power,” and it is said that people thought that it was a jewel that properly guides the body and mind and prevents bad luck. Turquoise was also used as an amulet for merchants traveling long distances. It was said that it was considered travellers’ guardian stone that protected them from danger.

 So far, we have examined the meaning of the birthstones. Although it is a superstition, I hope the luck that each jewel symbolizes will come by finding and wearing jewerly that fits your birthday. 

Choi Hyeung-jun (ST Reporter)

Jung Dong-min (ST Reporter)

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