2023 Fashion Trend
2023 Fashion Trend
  • Lee Yu-jeong (Web Editor)
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Have you ever heard of Y2K, Genderless, etc.? These are familiar words that you may have heard at least once, regardless of whether you are interested in fashion or not. This is because Y2K and Genderless are keywords that are emerging as fashion trends in 2023. ST will learn about this year’s fashion keywords and recommend related items. If you are a Soongsilian interested in fashion, please pay attention...............................................................................................................Ed


 In 2022, Y2K fever broke out. Starting with Miu Miu's introduction of low-rise skirts in the 2022 S/S (Spring/Summer) season collection, various brands such as Versace, Blue Marine, and Acne Studios introduced the Y2K look at the 2022 collection. At the same time, foreign celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner, and domestic celebrities such as Newjeans, Jennie, and Jang Won-young have become hot trends after wearing Y2K-style attire. Let's find out what kind of fashion will be popular in 2023, and how to apply it to actual styling through the following articles.


2023 Fashion Keyword

ST, Lee Yu-jeong
ST, Lee Yu-jeong


  •  Y2K
     Y2K fashion is expected to be popular again this year. ‘Y2K’ is a term for the chaotic ‘millennium bug’ that was expected at the start of the year 2000. ‘Y’ means ‘year’ and ‘K’ means ‘kilo.’ Now, it is widely used to refer to the style that was popular in the early 2000s. As there is a saying that trends go round and round, Y2K fashion, which has returned splendidly after 20 years, has brought nostalgia to millennials, and has become loved by the Generation Z for its colorful and unique fashion.
  • Genderless
     ‘Genderless Fashion’ is a new fashion trend that transcends gender and age. It refers to a style that reflects the trend of everyone freely pursuing their own style, breaking away from the stereotype of women’s clothes and men’s clothes. The so-called ‘border-breaking’ culture, which aims for gender equality and pursues diversity regardless of gender, is becoming a trend among the Generation Z.
    ST, Lee Yu-jeong
    ST, Lee Yu-jeong


  •  Cargo Pants
     In addition to low-rise pants that comes to mind when it comes to Y2K, the popularity of cargo pants is expected to continue. Cargo pants with plenty of pockets and a sense of practicality were prominent in the 2023 S/S Paris Fashion Week, following New York and Milan. Isabel Marang introduced leather cargo pants, and Louis Vuitton introduced oversized pocket cargo pants. Through the collection of fashion brands, cargo pants of various fit, material, and design are expected to lead hip and classy fashion this year.
    ST, Lee Yu-jeong
    ST, Lee Yu-jeong


  •  Denim
     Denim fashion appeared in the 2023 S/S Milan F/W (Fashion/Week), which consists of various forms, including denim set-up and boots-cut denim pants. The common feature of denim fashion is the fading vintage mood and rich, wide silhouette. Dior, Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabbana, and other brands have introduced a variety of items, such as denim wide pants, dresses, trench coats, bustiers, and jackets. Denim, which freely expresses one‘s individuality, seems to express the youthfulness of a college student well.
    ST, Lee Yu-jeong
    ST, Lee Yu-jeong


  •  Cut-out
     Cut-out fashion means a large cut or a cut-out piece of clothing. Depending on the location and size of the cut, a unique image can be created. Also, if you wear shirts or innerwear in layers, you can style them in various ways even 
    if they are the same clothes. In the 2023 S/S Milan F/W, the cut-out position was expanded to the chest, abdomen, and pelvis, showing a bold attempt. Egon Lab showed a variety of pants with cut-out details at the 2023 F/W collection, confirming the strength of the genderless.


2023 Pantone Color
Pantone, an American color lab, selected the red color ‘Viva Magenta’ as its color of the year. Viva Magenta, which is full of life, emits power in a brave and fearless color.

ST, Lee Yu-jeong
ST, Lee Yu-jeong







Lee Yu-jeong (Web Editor)

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