Stylish Soongsil:The Three Fashionista
Stylish Soongsil:The Three Fashionista
  • Yoo Tae-yeon (Planning Editor)
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Are Soongsilians interested in fashion? ST interviewed Soongsilians who wear clothes that express their individuality to other Soongsilians on campus. Get recommendations through articles! ......Ed


Park Seung-ju (Department of Industrial and Information Systems Engineering, 23)

“All-black high fashion look"

ST, Yoo Tae-yeon
ST, Yoo Tae-yeon

     ST: Could you introduce today’s outfit?

     Park: I have a photoshoot scheduled after today, so I wore an all-black look to match the concept of the place. On top, I wore a thin turtleneck with COS to match the spring season. I wanted to create a high-fashion feel, so I wore slacks that was as wide as possible. The shoes are a bit of a point. I wore Stephen Cook’s derby shoes that stand out because of the patterns.


     ST: What are some unique fashion tastes that are different from others?

     Park: I am wearing wide slacks and flowing tops now. But I like the director Hedi Slimane’s style, so I usually wear his clothes. Hedi Slimane’s clothes express the masculine line through a tight fit, so I think it is my usual style and characteristic to wear a slightly skinnier fit than others.


     ST: I heard that you are active in a fashion club. Can you briefly introduce your club?

     Park: I currently belong to SSULOOK, the central fashion club of SSU. I like clothes, so I got into it as soon as I entered school. We have also carried out collaboration activities with various large companies like Samsung. We are carrying out activities such as leaving a Soongsilian’s outfits, booth activities at festivals, and uploading our concept OOTD (Outfit of the Day).


​ST, Yoo Tae-yeon
​ST, Yoo Tae-yeon

     ST: Is there a fashion site you would like to recommend to others?

     Park: I often get questions about recommending sites that have less overlap with Musinsa clothes. I would like to introduce a domestic select shop called LLUD. The site run by LLUD has many brands that overlap less than others. So, I don’t think it will fail if men or women buy clothes there.


     ST: What would you say if you gave advice to Soongsilans who are interested in fashion?

     Park: There are areas where Korean fashion overlaps so much, and becomes less individualistic. But I think the biggest reason why we dress is to reveal our individuality. So, as a fashion lover, I want to say that you should have your style without being biased by trends, and proudly show it off without being embarrassed.



Kim Min-seo (Department of French Literature and Language, 23)

“Exam look"

ST, Kim Hyeon-seo
ST, Kim Hyeon-seo

     ST: Could you introduce today’s outfit?

     Kim: Honestly, it’s not a very elaborate outfit because I have my first exam today, and uncomfortable clothes might make it difficult for me. So, I dressed appropriately with something not too formal yet not too burdensome.


     ST: What’s your usual style preference?

     Kim: I like neutral colors, and I also like mini-skirts or mini dresses. So, on days when I want to dress up a bit, I often wear those kinds of clothes, and on days when I just want to keep it simple, I wear jeans.


     ST: Do you have any considerations or references when choosing or buying clothes?

     Kim: I usually look at lookbooks, but rather than looking at every YouTuber’s or influencer’s lookbook, I tend to look at people whose tastes or moods are like mine. Currently, I’m into a YouTuber called Needle. She has around 50,000 subscribers.

​ST, Kim Hyeon-seo
​ST, Kim Hyeon-seo


     ST: If you were to recommend a summer look to college students, what would it be?

     Kim: It may vary depending on gender and age, but as micro shorts have been trending since last year, I’d recommend them to women. They’re a bit short but cool and pretty, so I would encourage them to give this style a try. And then, regardless of gender, Bermuda shorts are also popular, so I’d recommend trying those, too.



Kang Chae-won (Political Science & International Relations, 20)

“Mix-match in campus"

ST, Yoo Tae-yeon
ST, Yoo Tae-yeon

     ST: Could you introduce today’s outfit?

     Kang: I wore a tweed jacket. Usually, people wear pants or shoes as a formal suit, but I tried mixing and matching them with white denim and Converse.


     ST: Is there a reason for mixing and matching?

     Kang: Usually, tweed clothes feel just standardized, but I wanted to get out of that feeling, so I put a twist on it.


     ST: What are the important factors you consider when purchasing clothes?

ST, Kim Hyeon-seo
ST, Kim Hyeon-seo

     Kang: I think it’s quite important to consider whether the clothes I’m buying match well with what I already have. If they don’t match well with other clothes, I might not wear them much, so I mostly buy clothes that I can mix and match with what I already own.


     ST: If you were to advise on coordinating outfits with others, what would it be?

     Kang: Honestly, when choosing clothes, I tend to think so much about what suits me best and how to coordinate, so I believe everyone has his or her own style. I hope they find clothes that can best express themselves.


Yoo Tae-yeon (Planning Editor)

Kim Hyeon-seo (ST Cub-Reporter)

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