You Are the Main Character of Your Life!
You Are the Main Character of Your Life!
  • Lim So-young
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    Have you experienced giving up or failing because your desired goal seemed out of reach? Instances like scoring low on tests or feeling inferior compared to others can deeply affect self-esteem. To address this issue, I’ll introduce psychologist Carl Rogers’ theory of human-centered counseling.

     Carl Rogers, a respected scholar, introduced the fundamental attitude counselors should adopt in modern counseling. He viewed humans as resilient beings capable of overcoming challenges and realizing their potential. Rogers emphasized that everyone possesses a natural self-actualization tendency, an ongoing pursuit of personal growth and fulfillment. This growth-oriented tendency enables individuals to navigate obstacles and find meaning in life, ultimately leading to subjective freedom and autonomy.

     When this tendency is blocked or suppressed, maladaptive behaviors can arise. Methods to address these behaviors include enhancing self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-expression while reducing defensive mechanisms and fostering openness. By embracing these processes, individuals can align with their true selves, as described by Rogers through the concept of the ‘phenomenal field’—the subjective perception of one’s experiences shaping their unique personality.

     Rogers’ approach focuses on the client’s internal frame of reference, helping them discover their own resources and heal emotional wounds. By transcending mere problem-solving and focusing on personal growth, individuals can become fully functioning persons characterized by openness to experiences, an existential attitude toward life, self-trust, experiential freedom, and creativity.

     In essence, a fully functioning person acknowledges their potential and actively demonstrates their abilities, striving for a comprehensive understanding and enriched experience of self. They enjoy the journey of becoming their authentic selves, not striving for societal perfection but relishing personal growth.

     As adults, we have the freedom to make our own choices and take responsibility for them. It’s a period ripe for self discovery and self-acceptance, where even mistakes and failures are opportunities for growth. Let’s courageously embrace new experiences and focus on our personal journeys rather than comparing ourselves to others. We’re constantly evolving, so let’s seize the present moment to pursue what truly matters and enrich our lives through ordinary yet meaningful experiences, like enjoying a delicious meal or engaging in heartfelt conversations with friends.

​Lim So-young[Sahmyook University, Department of Counseling Psychology, 23]​
​Lim So-young
[Sahmyook University, Department of Counseling Psychology, 23]​





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