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[154호] 승인 2013.04.10  11:40:26
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

Few days ago, Gyeonggi-do branch announced a plan that creates more jobs for female, strengthening the support of getting a job. Some universities realized the importance of the matter and has put spurs to assist finding work such as establishment of center for career development, creating subjects and running many assisted programs for girls. According to the statistical chart on the employment rate announced in June 2012 in SSU, the female have relatively lower employment levels, 15 percent on average compared with the male piecing it together from each college. The chart is as in the following.
To help female college students suffering from finding a job, the team of Career Development has run a onsultation office that enables them to get job counseling at normal times and the special programs for them. Those are as in the following.

I’m afraid that they are much less participated in the programs the team has provided than male. As of 2011, there were two times as many male students as there were female students. We encourage the female students’ in this programs. To increase the employment rate of female students, it is important for female students to have activeness and confidence and develop one’s capability constantly. To do so, (1) Plan in advance with a full investigation about the jobs. (2) Build your career in the work you have wanted. (3) Be with the experts related with the jobs. All of these things are possible with the team of Career Development!






Jung Eun-Hee
(Team of Career Develpment, SSU)

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