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Shall We Walk?
Kim Ji-won (ST Cub-Reporter)  |
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What do Soongsilians do during recess time? What’s the nearest place that Soongsilian lovers can go to? Maybe you’re grumbling around school. ST will introduce to you some interesting sites surrounding the school. One is Bamgol Village, a wall painting village where you can build memories by taking pictures with your lover or friends. There’s also Dongjakchunghyo-gil, a place where Soongsilians exhausted from too much studying and homework can heal themselves through nature.



Bamgol Village

Ewha Wall Painting Village is one of the famous places where university students and lovers go at Daehangno.This place was  born through university students’ volunteer work involving  drawing paintings on walls. Do you know that Sangdo-dong also has this kind of wall painting village? Take Sangdo Station Exit No. 1 or 2, proceed to the Sangdo Tunnel alley, and go past the Sangdo underground roadway. You will then see an alley next to the supermarket before going up a small hill. Enter that alley, which will show you how Seoul looked like in the 1970s or 1980s, and you’re in Bamgol Village. You won’t believe that there’s such a quiet town in the middle of metropolitan Seoul. If you want to go there, you have to remember four things. First, wear comfortable shoes because Bamgol Village is steep. Second, bring a handkerchief and water. Third, be quiet because Bamgol Village has residents. And last, get permission if you want to take the residents’ pictures. Various paintings, from a pair of lovers and a pig bringing good luck to the image of a lady on a bottle cap, lie hidden in Bamgol Village. ST enjoyed the paintings.  Especially, if you like cats, you need not go to a place like cat cafes as there are many cats in Bamgol Village.


Dongjakchunghyo-gil can be found behind Jo Mansik Memorial Hall. If you walk around the left side of Jo Man-sik Memorial Hall  and along the byway, you will encounter a dense forest, and you will see a sign pointing to various directions. ST decides to follow a path towards Seoul National Memorial Board.The name of the road emphasizes filial duty, and there are a number of structures  reflecting the meaning of the road. “Filial-duty-calling chair” is a representative example. It is designed to call parents on days when it’s hard for us to call them because they’re busy and working very hard. It can be a welcome escape from our sometimes tiresomeand boring routine. The fresh air and cool wind will make you feel like you’re part of nature. Most of all, ST saw small creatures we hardly see, like a Korean squirrel that seems happy with pine cones. All these experiences will definitely heal you. How about relieving your stress by walking rather than sleeping, and by simply killing time between classes?



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