Why Do We Love Disney So Much?
Why Do We Love Disney So Much?
  • Gil Su-ryeon (Photo Editor)
  • 승인 2014.03.27 20:10
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     Nowadays, Disney’s animation movie Frozen is extremely popular. According to the articles, they say the movie Frozen drew over six million moviegoers. The movie was the biggest box-office hit in the history of animation movies in Korea. What is interesting is that Frozen is very popular among the adults especially who are in their twenties and thirties. This is quite surprising because most people think that animation movies are usually for children. Even though Frozen may seem like a movie for kids, how did it attract people of all ages? These must be some reasons.

     First of all, when we think of Disney animation movies, we can easily remember its wonderful soundtracks. There are hardly any people who has never heard Disney’s soundtrack once in their life. Frozen also gained the public’s attraction by its soundtrack “Let it go.” It made a lot of people eager for the release. After the movie came into theaters, people played the song everywhere and they made fan-music using the song, regardless of age. The Disney animation movie has characteristic of musical film so it gives more powerful impression to moviegoers visually and acoustically than any other animation movie. Therefore, after watching movies, the gemlike soundtracks and its sensation still remain in moviegoers’ heart.

     Another reason that people are crazy about Disney is its attractive characters. They make characters that people from all generations would like. For example, Disney’s early characters such as Mickey Mouse and Snow White are still loved by adults and kids consistently. It truly shows that Disney’s characters have powerful marketability. Disney spares no effort in making various products with their animation characters and they are really selling well. Some products which figures Elsa who is main character of Frozen are totally sold out. Disney knows how to attract people to purchase their character merchandise.

     For the last, the most decisive reason that Disney movies are loved by people of all ages is that we experienced “Disney Renaissance.” There was a period we called “Disney Renaissance” (1989-1999) which flourished for 10 years. It was definitely the most splendid time for Disney. During that period, there were plenty of movies, original
and well-known; The Little Mermaid (1989), Beauty and the Beast (1991), Aladdin (1992), The Lion King (1994), and Tarzan (1999), to name a few. These are the movie that stood out as the best Disney movies during that time. Some people even praised highly that now animations can rival the movies performed by actors and actresses. As
the Disney movies of that time are considered classic masterpieces now, adult might play it to their children and those who watched the movie are now twenties and thirties. Those in their thirties especially let their little children watch Disney movies just like when they were children. It naturally introduces to kids, who aren’t grown in the time of Snow White and Mickey Mouse, love those characters. The legacy of Disney is handed down from generation to generation.

     Disney still receives high praise because they try to put cultural code in their works. Disney always used to emphasize love between man and woman. That makes people think that the storyline is obvious. Actually, the latest movie, Frozen concludes with the love of sisters instead of men and women. By ending the movie like that, Disney
took a good self-reflection; parodying the love-at-first-sight Cliche that Disney used all the time. This shows that Disney is still changing and well reflects the needs of the time. It also leads people to be sympathized with the storyline and lets more people accept Disney movies with little objections.

     In conclusion, there are many reasons that people are crazy about Disney movies. Even at this right moment when you read this article, many people around the world regardless of sex and age are eager to visit Disney World where they can see their fantasies and dreams come true. I assume that the reason to why Frozen became a sensational animation among twenties and thirties is because of the kind of nostalgia they have of Disney Renaissance. Despite the years that have passed, one of the reasons why people still love Disney movies consistently is that they remind us of the innocence of childhood.



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