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Anti-Humane Kidnapping in Nigeria.
Choi JinHyuk (ST Reporter)  |
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Anti-Humane Kidnapping in Nigeria.
Hundreds of school girls were kidnapped by Islamic militant group last month on the 14th. Nigerian government has drawn global wrath for their sluggish response on this. Nigerian government announced that they still haven’t found where-abouts of the Islamic militant group, BoKo Haram. The Nigeria president Goodluck Jonathan said in a press conference “I believe the school girls and BoKo Haram are still in Nigeria. We will try our best to rescue our girls”. President Jonathan’s statement made rumors spread that BoKo Haram sold girls as brides to men to their neighbor country, Cameroon and Chad. The rumors were made public by video of BoKo Haram leader Abubakar Shekau admitting they abducted girls and claiming that “We will sell them in the market, by Allah”.
 After this video was shown to public, the rescue operation is being arranged with the world wishing that the girls return to their home safely. The White House sent military and adroit negotiators to Nigeria to help locate the missing girls. The spokesman for the Ministery of Defense, John Kirby stressed “All we know about, we don’t have enough time so we should move faster and more effectively”. The British government sent military and law enforcement officers as well. British Prime Minister David Cameron claimed, “BoKo Haram’s kidnapping must be punished and this is not a single problem of Nigeria, it is national problem. And our duty is to fight against them”. The French Government and Spanish Government joined in the support rescue operation shortly after.
 Prior to this, the UN Security Council announced “BoKo Haram’s group kidnapping is anti-humane act. And the whole country should prepare proper countermeasure”. However, the UN Security Council didn’t comment about to suing BoKo Haram to International Criminal Court.
Choi Jin-hyuk (ST Reporter)
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