Five More New Departments Will Be Offered in 2015
Five More New Departments Will Be Offered in 2015
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Department of Media Management is for graduate of specialized high school. The focus is systematic training for intensive expertise about media. Progress in planning, marketing, business management is main purpose. Curriculum is comprised of media, digital broadcasting, image, contents, design and so on. Leader of cultural society and intellectual society will be grown in this department.
School of Software is literally school for software.
Software is a higher value- added business nowadays. SSU is selected by 'Seoul Accord Activation Enterprise' in 2012, so the financial support is prominent. Also, Samsung software track offers opportunities about jobs to seniors. The main subjects are programming, data science, software engineering, information protection.
Last in College of Information Technology, Department of Smart System Software is new enterprise connectiondepartment. Keyword is intelligent electronic system, commonly called 'smart'. The curriculum consists of basic engineering competency, basic software, electronic engineering, system software, electronic fusion. These subjects are scheduled by demands of businesses.
School of Creative Arts is the name that is changed to improve competitiveness. Department of Creative Writing and Department of Cinema Arts are combined to this one department. SSU expects that professional storyteller who get set traditional pure creation and visualized imagination to birth. Practical exercise of creation is the point of curriculum.
School of Sports is based on the idea 'Sport for All'. The aim is fostering leader for popularization and industrialization of sports. Professional knowledge and ability to play is essential to develop well equipped welfare environment for general public. Sports Psychology, Principle of Sports, basal physical fitness, and Human Anatomy are included in curriculum.

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