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Everyone has a different personality. Faced with the same circumstances, people respond and think differently. I thus want to analyze the characters of the people around me. First, let me introduce my own character. For example, I don’t want to get married, but if I get married, I hope that my husband and I would drive to our honeymoon destination by ourselves after the wedding, and that we would stop at an expressway rest area together. This would start a silent competition game! The opponent has to arrive at the destination quickly by himself, and my husband and I would not say anything to anyone else about escaping from the rest area together before the start of the game.

Let us take the case of my friend “A.” My friend “A” is a 21-year-old girl. She is a Business Administration student, and I think she has a bouncy personality. When she mentions her own name, she changes it to make it cute. She has great self-love. Everybody got shocked when he or she first heard my friend “A” call herself by a cute name, but now people have adapted to this. “A” does not behave this way, though, in the presence of strangers and of people she is not close to. She shows her self-love only to the people who are close to her. She says that she feeds off her own pride. She knows it herself. Due to her bubbliness, however, the people around her just smile in sympathy whenever she behaves that way.

Now, let us discuss the case of my friend “B.” My friend “B” is also a 21-year-old girl. She is a Social Welfare student at the local university, and we’ve been friends for a long time. She is a calm person. She does not like to take center stage. She has also read a lot of books and has accumulated a wide range of knowledge. She does not demonstrate savvy, though, but this does not mean that she’s modest. She sometimes gives evasive answers to hide how knowledgeable she is and to avoid the responsibility of sharing her knowledge when she knows that the one she’s talking with is wrong. She hates men who answer with an air of certainty. She has a talent for pretending that she doesn’t know anything.

Let’s also discuss the case of my friend “C.” She’s a 20-year-old girl and a Political Science and Diplomacy student. We’ve also been friends for a long time. We used to call her a “tomboy,” but she is now a shy girl. She used to like playing soccer and acting like a boy. She also frequently farted and belched loudly. After she got a boyfriend, however, her character changed; she became shy and feminine. Also, after falling in love, she became congenial to those around her. Love really makes people gentle.

There’s no ordinary character in the whole world. What’s considered the baseline or ordinary character differs from one individual to another. All people have their own experiences, and the character that they develop based on these experiences becomes the average and baseline character for them. In this essay, I want to tell you that there are many different characters in the whole world.

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