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The Change in SSU Media
Oh Se-Ik (News Editor)  |
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  SSU’s media has changed from five to four media. The Soongsil Magazine, which was a member of SSU’s broadcasting station, became an affiliated organization of the student council due to the magazine’s features. Currently, the 4 Media is consisted of two broadcasting stations, and two newspaper offices. ST introduces interviews with editor-in-chief of each media..............................................................................Ed.



SSU Announcers, SSBS
  SSBS was first established in 1971 as SSU’s broadcasting network. They are in charge of SSU’s radio and video broadcasting. “We wish to give Soongsilians useful information through radio broadcasting. We also wish to keep our broadcasting unique by continuously communicating with the students,” said Seo A-hyun, the Editor-in-Chief of SSBS.




SSU’s Internet, SSIZEN.NET
  SSIZEN.NET is the compound word of Soongsil and Netizen. It is SSU’s internet broadcasting network, which was first established in October 10, 2000. SSIZEN.NET has its own education system (SSIBA) that improves the level of broadcasting. “SSSIZEN.NET wishes to show ‘videos’ of SSU,” quoted Min Jeong-won, the Editor-in-Chief of SSIZEN.NET. “We also hope for many students to participate in our video festival, Yeongsangjae, which will open in September.”



 ST, Cho Min-su

SSU’s Enlightened Youth, The Soongsil Times
  The Soongsil Times is SSU’s English magazine that was first established in 1982. The Soongsil Times not only deals with SSU’s matters, but also handles a variety of fields that many people
find interesting. “We are the only newspaper station that writes in English. We hope that our newspaper will give useful information to the international students, as well as the Korean students,” said Gil Si-on, the Editor-in-Chief of The Soongsil Times.



 ST, Oh Se-ik

SSU’s History Recorders, Soongdaesibo
  Soongdaesibo was established in March 4, 1919 as Korea’s very first university newspaper. It is a weekly newspaper, which is mostly focused on SSU’s issues. It is the ‘recorder of SSU history’, according to Shin So-mi, the present Editor-in-Chief of Soongdaesibo. “We hope that the Soongsilians will read more of our papers and use us as a means of communication.”.

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