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From a Movie: An Invitation to Taiwan
Seo Junghyun  |
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[169호] 승인 2017.05.25  16:13:27
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Taiwan is an amazing country to visit. ST traveled to Taiwan, and wrote about the beautiful locations featuredin the movies.


ST went to a little island country near China, Taiwan. Taiwan is small, but it has its own charm of picturesque scenery. Many film makers have chosen Taiwan as its filming location. Then what destinations in Taiwan were chosen? Let’s take a journey with ST to those famous places.


‘Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall’ is in the background of a Taiwanese movie Girlfriend-Boyfriend. In the movie, a number of people are shown demonstrating in front of 'Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall’. ‘Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall’ is the memorial hall of the former Taiwanese president, Chiang Kai-shek. That is probably the reason the moviechose ‘Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall’ as the background of the demonstration scene. However, it does not have merely historical meaning. It also has a magnificent and beautiful appearance as you can see from the pictures. There is a huge Chiang Kai-shek bronze statue next to a giant door. The grand buildings gave off a fancy yet clean look. The austere formality of China and the minimalism of Japan are blended into harmony. Another attraction is the changing ceremony of the palace guards. It takes place every hour on the hour, so many travelers and even locals come to see it.



Shifen is the place where they fly Chinese Wish Lanterns You Are the Apple of My Eye. Many people were flying those lanterns at the time ST visited there. The railway stands in the main street of ‘Shifen’ with many stores and restaurants nearby. People flew Chinese Wish Lanterns in the railway, while merchants sold food diligently. It was place of vitality. The food was delicious. ST recommends that you eat there and fly lanterns with your wishes on them. It would make you feel like you are a main character in a movie.



‘Jiufen’ is shown in a Japanese animation Spirited Away. ‘Chihiro’s parents’ become pigs here. The entire area of ‘Jiufen’ is lined with red lanterns. You might feel as if you were in a strange land, much like the one from a fairy tale. Many stores are in a row beneath the red lanterns. With so many foods and so many things to see, you can have fun without noticing how time flies. ‘Chihiro’s parents’ must have felt the same way. ‘Jiufen’ is located at a high hill, so you need to climb a long and winding road. As you go higher, you will see the beautiful sea of lights of ‘Jiufen’ as if you were in a magical world.


‘Tam-kang High School’ is featured in the Taiwanese film, Secret. Unfortunately, ST could not enter the school because it is open only on weekends. However, there are the ‘Tamsui Historical Museum’ and ‘Aletheia University’ right beside ‘Tam-kang High School’, so you can enjoy other breathtaking sights whenever you turn your head around. You can take beautiful pictures there with your family, lover, and friends.


Taiwan is the country of choice for shooting spectacular scenes for a movie. You can be the subject of your own favorite movie in Taiwan.


Seo Jung-hyun (ST Reporter)

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