How Much Do You Know about Scented Candles?
How Much Do You Know about Scented Candles?
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Nowadays, scented candles are easily found at home. Scented candles have multiple uses, such as a beautiful decoration and a deodorizer. However, to fully enjoy the charm of the candle, it is important that you choose the right candle and use it for the right purpose. ST leads you to a further understanding of scented candles......Ed


            Unlike artificial lighting, scented candles are gaining popularity due to their fragrance and warm ambiance. They were once a luxury in the past where only a few people were able to enjoy them; however, it is now commonly used at home. Why do people love scented candles? Not only do they make the house feel cozier, but they also help people relax and they remove bad odors. People can enjoy scented candles more when they place the right kind in the right place. Let us learn about these candles.

When scented candles are properly used, they can improve the quality of people’s lives. However, it is important to look at the main ingredients and flavorings for safety use. The main ingredients include 'paraffin wax' and 'soy wax', which can be easily found in the market. Soy wax is recommended because it is a natural wax made from refined beans, and it does not emit harmful substances when lighted. Since the melting point of soy wax is lower than that of paraffin wax, it can blend up to 12% of the fragrance oil. Only products that use phthalate-free flavorings should be purchased. Phthalates are chemical additives that are used to make plastics smooth and produce large amounts of environmental hormones. It is important to check the materials because no matter how good the main ingredients are, if the flavorings are cheap, they can be counterproductive.

The officials of IlumI candle stated that the majority of people bought scented candles for events such as wedding proposals, but recently, a growing number of people are buying scented candles for therapy use due to the growing trend of “healing”. As such, scented candles are becoming a part of our daily lives as a means of healing. As the market of scented candles get bigger, their functions are expanding beyond its original use for deodorization, dehumidification, and healing purposes. If you have good knowledge of scented candles and you are well aware of its proper use, you can improve your quality of life with a fragrant lifestyle.


<How to Use Scented Candles Wisely>

While using scented candles, you may be surprised at seeing a rising black smoke. If you plan on using scented candles frequently, the following ideas will help you in properly using them.


Leave the scented candles burning for approximately 2 hours when it is first burned. The reason is because the wax on the surface must completely melt for the scented candles to burn evenly when lighted next time.

Get into the habit of trimming the wick every time you use a scented candle. The longer the wick, the faster the candle burns, so you should always keep your wick short. Also, keeping the wick short prevents black smoke from coming out and the bottle becoming extremely hot. The right size for a wick is approximately 2 mm.

The wick should be at the center of the scented candle. This prevents the wick from tilting to one side, which results in the blackening of the glass. If this happens, use a cotton pad saturated with soapy water and rub it on the blackened surface. Make sure to dry the candle before using them again.

You can reuse the candle container as a pencil case or a vase. For a different use, it is recommended to wash the bottle repeatedly with hot water.


<Proper Scent about Situation and Effects>

<How to Make Scented Candles>







1. You will need natural soy wax 160 g, wick, wick tab, fragrance 10 ml, and thermometer.







2. Clean the bottle and attach the wick and wick tab at the bottom of the container.







3. Melt the soy wax by using a microwave oven







4. When the temperature of the soy wax reached 50℃, pour the wax into the bottle with the wick.







5. Cut the wick by 6 mm when the wax has cooled.







6. You can now enjoy your scented candle.



Yun Ji-hui (Planning Editor)

Lee Hae-been (ST Cub-Reporter)


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