Content Creator, The Process of Realizing My Precious Dream
Content Creator, The Process of Realizing My Precious Dream
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I wanted to be a content creator since I was in high school. I am going to discuss with you about the process of achieving my dream. Content creator is one of the most lucrative jobs in the world. I am fond of writing, and my goal is to become a writer who creates content. It was fortunate that I entered Chungbuk National University majoring in Korean Language and Literature, and I also worked there as a producer for their Chungbuk National University broadcasting station.

The campus broadcasting station sends out radio announcements from Monday to Friday during lunch and evening hours. Before I started working as a real producer, I made a radio broadcast for my seniors. It was a only test process. Someone would read and listen to my writing, so I was concerned about what kind of radio broadcast I should produce. I though about how to stimulate the interest of each person, and how to properly use radio as a broadcast media. Therefore, the first content I created was called “Jewel in the sand.” It was a music program that introduced a singer who was not yet well known to the public and hiding among other singers like jewel in the sand. I thought that the students would listen more attentively if they found out that there were good songs being played from the radio.

I received a lot of feedbacks on my first content, but I believe that it was an opportunity for me to grow as a producer. Since then, I have produced seven contents. In summary, there is a “Drama story” that introduces drama and drama OST in the form of a book based on information transfer. Furthermore, the music themed content was “Today’s player” that played music, dramas and movies based on the feeling of the students for the day. I can also recall a song participation broadcast called “No encore requests.”

The main topic that I have chosen is about radio contents before starting the semester. When the main topic was selected, I was tasked with writing a radio script with different materials each week. I was worried every day, and I used a lot of time. It took about 9 hours to write the first half hour of the radio program. However, my writing speed increased eventually, so I could write it in about 3 hours.

I finished my term at the broadcasting station of Chungbuk National University. I wanted my term to end every day, but I was more disappointed when it did ended. In two years, I have created seven contents and I experienced a lot of difficulties. Nevertheless, I wanted to learn more. It was a valuable experience to do the content creator’s work indirectly and make my dream into reality. I am going to keep writing my own stories and try to turn my ideas into content, which will be shown not only in our campus, but also in our society someday!


Song Min-jeong

(Korean Language and Literature,17, Chungbuk National University)

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