Time to Concentrate Only on Me
Time to Concentrate Only on Me
  • Yang Yoon-seon
  • 승인 2019.03.16 21:04
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The hottest keyword early this year is “diary decorating.” Diary decorating means expressing one’s taste, purpose, and disposition in one’s diary. The craze has created a new term, “diary decorator,” which means someone who does the decorating. I would also like to explain about this activity, which is a part of my life as a “diary decorator.”

Why has diary decorating become a trend? It can be explained by “small but true happiness,” “newtro,” and its timeliness at the end and the start of the year. The trend of “small but true happiness” and “newtro” lasted until 2019. Diaries are easy to buy and write without hassle, and they have another analog feature called “paper.” Moreover, the end and beginning of the year is when people look back on the previous year and prepare for the new year. Diaries are tools used to look back on a person’s life from the previous year, and write plans and goals for the new year. Therefore, it is a new trend created by combining the trend with the specialty of the end and beginning. It is not only a hobby and a means of expressing individuality, but it is also a way to improve the quality of life. Diaries are no longer just books for records. The answer is a typical way to increase psychological assets. Continuing leisure activities challenge something and give you the opportunity to concentrate, thereby improve your psychological assets, such as autonomy, decision making ability, self-efficacy, and self-reliability. Furthermore, it can serve as a tool for generating profits in today’s era where hobbies are specialized and become one item for start-up.

“Time to focus only on me.” I will tell you in one sentence how I feel when I decorate the diary. Decorating allows me to express what I like, what my taste is, how I feel today, what I think was the best in what I did today, what life I want to live, etc. Living in a society where various people exist and where they have to communicate with each other incessantly, we live with less time for concentrating on ourselves than we think. People who cannot understand themselves often struggle with reality and do not do their best at what goes on. It only becomes monotonous every day, and the passion has gone cold for a long time. Understanding yourself will result in having clearer life goals.

Diary decorating is not only a desirable hobby and a secondary advantage, such as creating an environment for learning about yourself, but it also has an inherent advantage of the diary. Writing a diary helps you manage your time efficiently. It will not only prepare you in advance for a memorable schedule, such as birthdays of loved ones, family events, and important events in school, but you also have a higher chance of achieving your personal goals. Set goals, create and recall plans for them, and implement actions to achieve them. Recordings of goals and recollections are best in spending time wisely.

Now, I will give you some tips on applying “good” diary decorating to everyday life. The basis of the answer is to write or draw with various pens. Instead of writing in small letters, drawing simple pictures that match the contents will make it easier to write a diary. It is also good to write down not only the schedule on the diary, but also the nouns and sayings in books and movies. It is also good to use print shop stickers, masking tape, and note. You can decide where to attach them while spreading the diary papers on both sides. The note has a large space gap, which can give you a feeling of having ample space for yourself. Masking tape is used to decorate the edge of a shroud or split space. When you write a diary, you may forget to write for a few days. If you check the pictures taken on your mobile phone, the conversation with a friend, and the payment details of your card, you will think about what to write down in an empty space. Even if you do not have anything to write, you can draw a simple picture or insert a print shop sticker.

It also has a huge impact on the stationery economy. Unlike in the past diaries where only the years, months, and blank spaces existed, different kinds of diaries are available these days. A variety of diaries, such as system diaries, 6-hole diaries, leather diaries, illustration diaries, and cafe diaries, entered the market. Economic activities, including selling and purchasing diaries, such as print shop stickers, note, and masking tape are also gaining popularity. Diaries are entering the SNS market, thereby creating synergy to grow both the diary market and the SNS market.

In summary, diary decorating provides psychological assets, life goals, and a high success rate of achieving those goals. I have also gained the above advantages as a single diary decorator. For those who want proper hobbies and healing tools, or simply want to write a diary, I would highly recommend “diary decorating” for the above reasons.


Yang Yoon-seon (ST Cub-Reporter)


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