More About Pantone and Living Coral
More About Pantone and Living Coral
  • Kim Yun-ha, Yang Yoon-seon
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Every year, the world has been dyed with the color of the year, which is designated by Pantone. What is Pantone and why is the color of the year that they announced influential? ST introduces Pantone and the color of the year. ..................................Ed

In 2018, the unique shade of violet from one company intrigued the world. Gucci, Moschino, and many of the other worldwide designer brands added the “Ultra Violet” colored clothes in their collections. Furthermore, beauty, underwear, interior, and lots of brands showed off their ultra violet collections. “Daiso” released an ultra violet collection that put different products together. “Violet Dying” has also become popular in hair styling. Because “Pantone” designated “Ultra Violet” as the color of 2018, the whole world was colored with purple. On account of the big influence of last year’s “Color of the Year,” it is no wonder that “Living Coral, the Color of 2019” is in the spotlight. Most of us are unfamiliar with Pantone. We do not know what Pantone does and why Pantone designates the color of the year.

All About Pantone

Pantone is a color institute and color expert company established by Lawrence Herbert in 1963. Lawrence Herbert, who was a printer, experienced inconvenience in not being able to use color as the designer intended because printing in different colors was different from printing shops. To solve this problem, he developed the “PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® (PMS)” and “PANTONE COLOR CHART”. PMS is a system that applies a proprietary numbering system to different colors and standardizes it through chip form. It is the current symbol of the Pantone brand. Pantone color language includes more than 10,000 color standards from fabrics, interior to architectural and industrial design, printing, pigmentation, and coating. PMS color standard enables the critical selection in the working procedures of many brands and manufacturers. PANTONE COLOR CHART is a table with unique numbers in various colors via PMS. With this chart, we can easily find the color that we want.


Why is Pantone choosing the color of the year, and what criteria and methods is based on?

Pantone Color Institute is a business unit within Pantone that selects the colors of the year. This institute highlights top seasonal runway colors, forecasts global color trends, advises companies on color for product and brand visual identity. They announced the Color of the Year based on information and social phenomena from various fields. The color of the year has a strong influence on many fields of society, including fashion and industrial design. Furthermore, it has messages that Pantone wants to send to society. For example, Pantone Color Institute in 2016 unusually selected two colors, “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity, and voiced their opinions on gender equality and the autonomy of color across all fields of design. Due to its big social influence, the Color of the Year selection process requires deep consideration and trend analysis. Color of the Year, which is based on thorough analysis and research, has great credibility.


Now, let us move on to the hottest keyword of the year, Living Coral. What color is Living Coral? This is the color of 2019 that was announced by Pantone and it was chosen after the process of selecting colors for this year.


The living coral color originated from the word coral. Orange gold highlighted the liveliness of coral, which is commonly recognized as a flesh-and-pink color. This living coral symbolizes comfort and vitality to modern people. At the same time, it also means the ability to hug people. In other words, Living Coral means optimistic, sociable, and energetic behavior. Living Coral affects the environment as well as people. Currently, due to global warming, the coral reefs’ habitat is decreasing rapidly. Under these circumstances, coral color makes you feel the seriousness of environmental destruction again.


Pantone’s Color of the Year is no longer just a company announcement. This year’s Pantone color leads and sets the trend. Pantone has a huge impact on a variety of areas, such as interior design, industrial design, and beauty. In particular, their influence is stronger in beauty. Less than a month after the 2019 color was announced, many of the coral colored clothes appeared on the runway of many fashion brands. Fashion brand Marc Jacobs designed a distinctive Living Coral Per dress and a Ruffle blouse. Also, “Lela Rose” and “Chanelle” showed off their sleek, living coral-colored stripe saws and dresses. Not only the fashion industry, but also the cosmetics industry is enjoying the coral craze. “VDL” released the “2019 VDL+ Pantone Collaboration Collection” with a sensuous interpretation of the living coral color in 2019, and “Nars” also released a powermatte lip “flame” with the living coral color in 2019. Furthermore, Olive Young, a drug store, said on August 8 that the sales of major color cosmetics in Coral and Orange rose by about 45% as compared to the same period last year, after analyzing sales for the last three weeks from December 17 to January 7. This is double the growth rate of sales in the hue category, which is approximately 20% increase over the same period.

As you can see, Pantone has standardized its color, thereby unifying color languages around the world. It also sends a message to the society by selecting this year’s Pantone color, which is the company’s most representative business. This year’s Living Coral color signifies comfort and vitality, as well as re-emphasizes the seriousness of environmental destruction. We will look forward to seeing how Living Coral will affect society as a whole this year.



Kim Yun-ha (ST Cub-Reporter)

Yang Yoon-seon (ST Cub-Reporter)

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