What`s New in SSU?
What`s New in SSU?
  • Oh Ye-sung (ST Reporter)
  • 승인 2020.04.09 14:28
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Change paves the way for development in the future. ST focuses on various changes in SSU in the second semester of 2019. ......................... Ed

     As the new semester begins with Soongsilians` renewed mindset, SSU facilities are evolving in a good way. SSU revised its look for Soongsilians online and offline this time: SSU Park,’Soongsil Forest’ of the Jo Mansik Memorial Hall, the Media Board in front of the Student Union, and the website. Let’s listen to the different opinions of Soongsilians on the changes in SSU.

SSU Park

ST, Jeon Seo-yeon
ST, Jeon Seo-yeon

     SSU Park, which is in front of the Soong-duk Economics & Business Building, is surrounded by stone stairs. Grass grows between the stone stairs, creating a fresh atmosphere. Soongsilians can eat delicious food, talk with friends, and have fun there.

     I go to school through the front steps. When I go to school, I can see green stairs clearly and have a better view of the SSU Park. It makes me feel proud as if I had built the SSU Park. Sometimes I rest on the stairs with my friends, and I feel like I'm having a picnic. Lee Ji-min (Dept. of Lifelong Education, 18)

     It's hard to climb the stone stairs, but it's so pretty. I want more help between the stone stairs. Furthermore, after the SSU Park was built, it is very easy to access the Soongduk Economics & Business Building from the front gate. Kim Hyung-chan (Business Administration, 19)

Jo Mansik Memorial Hall’s ‘Soongsil Forest’

ST, Jeon Seo-yeon
ST, Jeon Seo-yeon

     ‘Soongsil Forest’ is located on the first floor of the Jo Mansik Memorial Hall. There are several desks and chairs, and also a stairway shelter. Soongsilians can study there, as well as relax and talk with friends at the stairway shelter. Soongsil Cafe is right in front, and Soongsilians can feel like they are in a study cafe.

     At first, I didn’t go there because of mosquitoes in the summer. However, after visiting there, I think it’s a wonderful place for studying. I hope they make plenty of space for students soon. Also, students who are really sleepy can lie down comfortably there. I think students who have to stay up all night need a space to sleep in. Lee Kun-hee (Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 16)

     It’s good to have a room where one can spend his spare time before class. In the past, team discussions were held on the first floor of the Jo Mansik Memorial Hall, but it was always full of people, uncomfortable, and very cold. However, now I can lead a team discussion well at ‘Soongsil Forest’. I think I can sleep better there than in any other space because of the yellow light. Han So-hee (Journalism, Public Relations, and Advertising, 17)

New Website of SSU 


     During the last vacation, Soongsilians were surprised at the unfamiliar website of SSU. The new website was on a test run from the beginning of August. Unlike the ‘u-SAINT,’ which Soongsilians use frequently for their schoolwork, this website is designed for people outside of SSU. For that reason, the new website shows a beautiful view of the campus, the history and vision of SSU, well-known alumni, and important news related to SSU. It is SSU’s face on the internet.

     Regardless of consequence, I think SSU showed its persistent attention toward building a website through this change. Also, I like the new website. The previous one looked a little old, but now it looks trendy and sophisticated. I think it will allow guests visiting SSU’s website to have a free and lively impression of SSU. Cho Soon-ho (School of Systems Biomedical Science, 17)

     When I first saw the new website, I thought it was neat. The old one was too formal and unfriendly, but I think this new website is trying to follow the transition to a new era by pursuing recent design trends. But it’s a little hard to find necessary information because I`m not used to it. Kim Sol-ki (Business Administration, 18)

Media Board

ST, Oh Ye-sung
ST, Oh Ye-sung

     The Media Board, which is installed in front of the Student Union during the last summer vacation, drew the attention of all Soongsilians. It was set up with the goal of improving visual beauty and constructing a digital campus. On the main display is the promotion video that was done in 2018. In addition to the promotion video, the Media Board is also used to promote major events and announce SSU’s policies and institutions. Occasionally, the entrance to the Student Union is sent through the camera, and Soongsilians can take a photo of themselves for fun. The Public Relations team is in charge of the Media Board, and independent student organizations, including the Student Association, can request to post notices on the Media Board through the Office of Student Affairs.

     I first saw the Media Board during the festival. I enjoyed taking a photo of myself screened in the Media Board. I thought its location is quite good. I wish there will be some important information like National Grants or preliminary registrations for the summer or winter semesters. Yun Hye-yeon (Accounting, 18)

     By installing the Media board in front of the vacant Student Union, I think the emptiness is gone. But, as time goes by, it is becoming less eye-catching. I noticed that I`m passing by the Media Board without paying particular attention. Yu Seong-woo (Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 16)

     SSU began this semester with a slightly different and unfamiliar appearance. And Soongsilians also experienced that transition, expressing their opinions on the new look of SSU. The end of the year is approaching as well. SSU’s progress will continued like Soongsilians who are also growing wiser every year.


Oh Ye-sung (ST Reporter)


Jeon Seo-yeon (ST Cub-Reporter)




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