Why Don’t You Serve Overseas?
Why Don’t You Serve Overseas?
  • Lee Hae-been (ST Reporter)
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ST, Lee Ju-A
ST, Lee Ju-A
ST, Lee Hae-been
ST, Lee Hae-been








When school ends, some Soongsilians use their vacation to recharge. How about infusing more energy by serving? ST introduces various service programs. ......................................... Ed

Many Soongsilians think about how to spend their long vacation every year. ST recommends considering overseas service before the winter vacation. There are many foreign volunteer groups, such as "World Friends Korea" and "Koica". However, we an easily get access to overseas service in SSU without going through these groups. ST interviewed Lee Sang-heon (Global Commerce, 18), the director of the SSU Branch of AIESEC, and Kang Sang-gu (School of Sports, 14), a student of the “Addict” and has participated in overseas service four times. ST will also introduce the overseas volunteer group based in SSU.

The Director of SSU Branch of AIESEC

ST: Please introduce AIESEC.

Lee: AIESEC is an international student association on leadership that began in 1948. AIESEC is the first branch in Asia, and also in South Korea. It is the world’s largest nonprofit organization run by young people with the United Nations.

ST: Soongsilians wonder how the AIESEC club is connected to foreign service.

Lee: We’re not doing it through other organizations, but we’re operating on our own. Every year, overseas volunteers go to Korea and do volunteer work based on a prearranged plan. This process is the same to overseas countries. More information is available at aiesec.org.

ST: What is the difference between the AIESEC and the school service

Lee: The United Nations has set 17 goals for our society to achieve sustainable development for the future. It is the distinction of AIESEC in trying to achieve these goals. Likewise, I know that the school service is held among students of SSU, and in the case of AIESEC overseas volunteer service, many foreigners gather in one country. Therefore, we can have a more global experience.

The Volunteer Addict

ST: Could you briefly tell me where you’ve been working overseas so far?

Kang: I’ve been to Laos twice, Kyrgyzstan once, and I’m going to do my fourth volunteer work for SSU in India this winter.

ST: I’m curious about the attractiveness of overseas volunteering that makes you do it four times so far.

Kang: There is a sense of happiness and purity from nothing. Anyone who has ever been to an overseas service knows, but volunteers can’t use their phones at all during their stay. Students there trust us as teachers unconditionally, and are happy. They cried when we left, and I felt loved by them. Overseas service is the best and most meaningful activity in my life, after spending six years in SSU. Don’t hesitate to catch a worthwhile opportunity when you are a Soongsilian!

ST: What interview tips can you share with us, and what are the special conditions for selecting a member?

Kang: I’m going to pick someone who doesn’t stand out too much, or hanging out with other people. If you appeal to me as someone who has the will and the passion for service, you will pass without fail.

7+1 Long-term  Overseas Volunteer
“7+1” means replacing one semester out of eight semesters with overseas service while attending SSU. Participants are recruited during May and November, and are dispatched overseas for 16 weeks during the period and for four weeks of pre-education. One of the great features of 7+1 Long-term Overseas Volunteer program is the credit recognition system. It can be recognized as having less than six credits in the selection of majors for a total of 18 credits. Volunteer work will be carried out mainly in Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, and Kyrgyzstan.

Overseas Mission Corps, IMPACT
They recruit missionary volunteers once every summer and winter, and each person has a personal fee of 700,000 won. Volunteers will be going to various countries abroad, and must submit different documents during the recruitment periods in March and September to become missionaries: submit participation forms, resumes, confessions, self-introduction forms, confirmation of church attendance, recommendation letters of the person-in-charge, expert opinion letters, etc. However, in the case of non-Christians, the certificate of attendance at the church and the recommendation letter of the person-in-charge shall be omitted. After the volunteer work, you must participate in the latter ministry. The latter ministry will proceed for about one year after participating in the program, and an official certificate will be issued only when the program is fully completed.

Winter/Summer Overseas Volunteer Work
Twice a year, the Voluntary Center selects overseas volunteer groups for all Soongsilians, regardless of their classes, grades, or whether or not they are on a leave of absence. It also comes with a personal fee of  700,000 won. It is divided into effort services to repair school facilities and education services that teach children in that country, such as science, arts, physical education, and Korean. It will also prepare cultural exchanges and cultural performances that inform about Korean culture. Volunteers are usually dispatched to India, Mongolia, Laos, and Kyrgyzstan for about two weeks during the summer/winter vacation.

SSUVEE  (SSU Volunteer for Engineering Education)
SSUVEE, recruited by Abeek in SSU, accepts Soongsilians from the colleges of Engineering and IT (Information Technology). The service is divided into two categories: participation in a global engineering design competition and local service. Prior to departure, volunteers are prepared for competition tasks and educational service and cultural performances, along with prior education.

SBVC (Soongsil_Baird Volunteer Crew)
SBVC is a student-oriented volunteer supporter. The organization aims to organize and operate volunteer programs on its own, with Soongsilians at the center. It recruits first and second-year Soongsilians and prefers those with video design talent or wall painting experience, or other talents. The period of activity is about one year and three months, after going through a probation period for three months. The benefits of SBVC includes access to the priority selection rights for the Winter/Summer Overseas Volunteer Service as stated above, and recommendation for selecting overseas volunteer service for external institutions.

                                                                                                                 Lee Ju-a (ST Reporter)


                                                                                                           Lee Hae-been (ST Reporter)


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