CLASSIC BLUE : The 2020 Trend Guide
CLASSIC BLUE : The 2020 Trend Guide
  • Yang Yoon-seon (Planning editor)
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Last year, ST introduced Pantone and the living coral: the 2019 Pantone color. This time, ST introduces 2020’s Pantone color, and the ways in which you can use it in your daily life. .................................... Ed

 Classic Blue is this year’s Pantone color. Classic Blue (19-4052) expresses the dark and gray sky as the sun sets. Pantone is a color company in the United States. For more than 20 years, Pantone has been selecting the “color of the year” based on economics, politics, and social environments. “Color of the year” always carries a message to the society. This year, Classic Blue is emphasizing “stability.” Classic Blue, a timeless blue hue, is simple and elegant. It is a color in which blue paint mixes with a few drops of dark blue and gray. Blue always offers a sense of calm and confidence. Blue reminds one of rest, and it takes on the role of shelter for the human soul. This nature expresses our desire for a calm and faithful base. Since we are in the cusp of a new era, Classic Blue is not a lively color that encourages curiosity. “Blue” relaxes and calms. New York Magazine described it as “Blue to block anxiety,” and CNN says that it is “a subdued color to welcome the year 2020.” Classic Blue, the hottest color from S/S to F/W! Let’s find a way to use Classic Blue in hair, make-up, and fashion.


  The most stylish and visible way to absorb blue is through dyeing. Classic Blue is quite a dark shade of blue. So, it is challenging enough for someone who is unfamiliar with dyeing. The hair color of Whee-In, a member of female vocal group Mamamoo, is a little bit dark blue. This color will make Soongsilians look more elegant. Without fear of bleach, dyeing with the ash color of blue like Hong Jin-young, or pastel blue like IU is recommended. Blue Ash will be the perfect color for everyone since it looks great with every skin color. Moreover, the pastel blue color will enhance the Soongsilians’ bright outlook in life.


Make Up

  Recently, there have been many cosmetic products with the color of blue, from lipstick to eye shadow. But applying blue on one’s face is not easy. If things go wrong, your eyes can seem pale, and your lips look like shivering with cold. The reporter recommends applying a little bit of “blue point” on your eye makeup. Drawing dark blue eyeliner at the end of your eyes area will be striking. Or applying glitter mixed with blue and silver under your eyes will look glamorous and fascinating.




  If you use the blue color well, you can make wonderful nail art. If you prefer an elegant style, I recommend Syrup-Nail (a style that is so shiny and syrupy) based on a white or clear color. It is not noticeably fancy, but it looks lovely. Applying nail art and filling it up with Classic Blue is beautiful, too. If you apply glitter on top, your nail will be like the night sky with shining stars. It is both gentle and fancy to the eye.








  Using Classic Blue in fashion is quite easy. The classic blue-colored knit and jeans are one of the tricks of getting yourself styled in everyday life. (Tone-on-tone) For shorter people, it is recommended to use toneon-tone to make them look as if top and bottom are seamless. If your skin has a warm tone, it can be difficult to match it with the blue color. (Warm skin goes well with a long range of gold). Then, it is recommended to wear blue with matching shoes or pants. Wearing blue in areas away from the face does not significantly affect skin tone. We still have more cold days, and if you are good at finding fine cardigans you will achieve a very high degree of sophistication. If you can match warm color clothes like ivory and beige with blue cardigan, you will look lovely. Or, if you wear a black turtleneck sweater inside a blue cardigan, you can be both chic and exceptionally insulated for warmth. For men, a good combination of blue and gray can be worn as an excellent coordinate. A blue knit and gray coat, or a light blue shirt and brown pants will make Soongsilians look dandy.








Yang Yoon-seon (Planning Editor)











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