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My Space
  • Bae Su-yeon
  • 승인 2020.09.12 16:19
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 This room is my spaceship.
 I looked around the room where the wardrobe and the old dressing table were missing. The bed was sticking to the end of the wall and filling the seats, but it will vanish. o prepare for the move, I looked at the doll key chain that Io fund while cleaning up. The name, Peach, was written in crooked letters at the foot of the key chain. Was it from the cartoon character it was once attached? The name was familiar but also distant. Outside the room, the grandmother and the mother were talking about the grandfather’s keepsake. Grandma wanted to throw away everything except the important ones. So I asked her to take some of my grandfather’s belongings. I looked still at the box next to me. It contained the odds and ends that I had bought at the stationery store when I was a child. My grandfather’s memory swam in my head. He would have picked up one by one when I threw them in the trash bin for lack of interest.
 When I went to kindergarten, my grandmother and grandfather took care of me and my younger brother instead of my busy parents. We always stopped by the stationery, and bought a little toy on the way home from school. My grandfather gave us 2,000 won each, asking us to pick up anything. At that time, we believed that we could do anything with 2,000 won, so we chose small dolls or fragrant ballpoint pens. As soon as I arrived at my grandfather’s house, I unboxed the things I bought at the stationery store in my grandfather’s room. The memories in the stationery store and the room were still vivid decades later. Everything was exciting to see in there, like a spaceship where gravity does not exist. I got tired of playing with it, but I bought another toy the next day. My grandfather always brought up the story of such time in front of his family on holidays.
 “I saw my little bunny touched the toys with that little hand. She’s been very meticulous since she was young, so she asked me all the small things and bought them. Remember?”
 He told them and laughed. I didn’t want to hear my relatives nagging, so I used to stay in the room. My grandfather knocked on the door, and came in and asked,
 “My Daedlebo-girder in English says, sleeping?”
 Once a week, he would text me a Confucius wise saying or news articles. Grandpa was the universe that nurtured me.
 The room where he left his trace and scent was the spaceship. A spaceship can leave the Earth, and return to space at any
time. I picked up a box of my childhood toys that my grandfather had packed. My legs were tingling because I had been sitting for so long that I didn’t feel like walking. This room is a spaceship, where the universe has left, and everything has lost its place.


Bae Su-yeon [Major in Creative Writing, 19]

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