Holding an Unveiling Ceremony for the Foundation of Independence
Holding an Unveiling Ceremony for the Foundation of Independence
  • Kim A-yeong (ST Reporter)
  • 승인 2021.01.02 16:56
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Have you seen the fountain in front of the main gate? It is a monument that is dedicated to the independence patriots of SSU. On November 20, an unveiling ceremony will be held. Let`s see the proud history of SSU with ST! ......................................Ed.

  Are you aware that there is a Korean university that has a closing anniversary? That school is SSU. It has a painful history. It is the only university that kept its pride by voluntarily closing school against the Japanese’s pressure to visit the shrine during the Japanese occupation period. Under the Japanese colonial rule, graduates and Soongsilians fought for their lives to regain the country that was taken away from them. Therefore, the government recognized this sacrifice, and designated 88 SSU alumni as national meritorious men.

ST, Kim A-yeong
ST, Kim A-yeong

  There were 114 alumni of SSU who participated in the March 1st Independence Movement in 1919. Among them, 51 received awards as independence fighters from the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs as of 2019. By the same year, there were 10 SSU alumni who received the award as independence merit by the end of a three-year project to excavate independence fighters at the Korean Christian Museum. Then, in August 2019, 90 SSU alumni members were honored as independence patriots in recognition of their achievements.

  So, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, SSU built the Stone of Independence, a monument dedicated to independence fighters, in front of the main gate of the school to recognize the struggle and the activities of the nation’s independence fighters. On November 17, the unveiling ceremony of the sculpture, which was made to mark the National Day of the country’s patriotic martyrs, was held to commemorate SSU’s spirit of love for country to the Soongsilians, alumni, residents of the district, elementary, middle and high schools, and the citizens of this country.

ST, Kim A-yeong
ST, Kim A-yeong

  The unveiling ceremony of the monument for the independence fighters of SSU was held from 14:00 to 15:00 with the installation site of the structure in front of the main gate of the school. Later, we also visited the Korean Christian Museum located inside the school. Schools, alumni associations, student councils, distinguished families, and various institutions encouraged people to attend the event to inspire patriotism among more people.

  Although the current situation can be chaotic due to COVID–19, by witnessing the unveiling ceremony for a memorial monument to commemorate the struggles and activities of SSU alumni, ST hopes you can set an example and show the spirit of love for your country.


Kim A-yeong (ST Reporter)


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