Getting a Driver's License from A to Z
Getting a Driver's License from A to Z
  • Yang Yoon-seon (ST Reporter)
  • 승인 2021.01.02 16:56
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Do you have a driver`s license? If you don’t have one, here is an article written for you! ST introduces the process of acquiring a driver’s license, and shares its reporters’ vivid review and tips to help you out! ...Ed

  A driver’s license is a certificate that many students want to obtain. It is always on the ‘TO DO LIST’ of university students every time they go on vacation every year. From June to September, an ST reporter obtained a driver’s license after taking a total of six tests, including three functional tests and three driving tests, and would be revealing to Soongsilians about how to prepare for the tests and provide more tips.

Procedure for Getting a License

  Traffic safety education ▶ Physical examination ▶ Examinations on academic subjects ▶ Functional test ▶ Driving test ▶Issuance of license

Traffic safety education (1h): It is conducted at a venue designated as a Traffic Safety Training Center or as a Traffic Safety Education institution in the license test site. Those who wish to obtain a new driver’s license must complete the revocation training. You should get an ID card.

Physical examination: It is conducted in the physical examination room or at a hospital. Simple physical examinations, such as vision, color vision, hearing and so on will be conducted. A type 1, full-sized car driver’s license and a special license cost 7,000 won, while other types of driver’s license cost 6,000 won.

Examinations on academic subjects (40mins): There will be 40 multiple-choice questions on traffic laws, safe driving methods, etiquette, etc. If you fail the test, you can retake it on the next day. You must score higher than the baseline of 70 for Type 1, and 60 for Type 2. Depending on the test item, 10,000 won or 8,000 won will be charged. You will need an ID card and three photos taken within 6 months from the application date.

Functional test: You will take the exam at the designated driving test site. You must complete a test course with a score of 80 or more out of 100. The test consists of driving for at least 300 meters, and driving behavior on sudden stops, ramps, left and right turn, and acceleration. Depending on the test item, one of 22,000 won, 10000 won, 20000 won, and 8,000 won will be charged. Make sure to bring your ID card. You must pass the functional test within one year of passing the examinations on academic subjects. Those who fail can retake the exam after three days.

Driving test: You should take the test at the designated test site. The test will be conducted after selecting one of the four courses. Each course is more than 5 kms long. Courses are different in each test site. You must get a score of 70 or higher to pass. You may be disqualified if you have committed acts that are deemed to be significantly lacking in terms of driving ability, such as the “inability to start engine” for three times, “urgent engine operation” problems or other similar reasons. The test fee for the driving test site is 25,000 won, but it may vary depending on the academy.

Experienced Driver’s Tips

Traffic safety education:
• If you have attended a driving academy, you do not need to take additional classes at the test site.
• You can apply for training at the Traffic Safety Training Center online in advance.

Examinations on academic subjects:
• It doesn’t matter if the order of the written and functional tests is changed.
• Please bring your ID card with you, and arrive 30 minutes earlier than the training start time.
• Use an application (ex.: driver plus). Also, it’s better to take the mock test for more than three times.

Functional test:
• When registering for the academy, a six-hour class will be divided into 2-2-2 or 2-4 hourly sessions. I recommend taking the 2-2-2.
• Concentrate on practicing T-parking, a frequent take-off point problem.
• There is a time limit, but most of it can be done in time. So it is not much of a burden.

Driving test:
• You can find driving test videos on YouTube, so watch them often, memorize the directions, and take classes.
• If your academy can choose your instructor, apply in classes with a competent instructor.
• Watch out for child protection areas.
• If a pedestrian suddenly appears in front of you, you will be disqualified even if you didn’t do anything wrong. So, be careful.

Experienced Driver’s Message

ST, Yang Yoon-seon
ST, Yang Yoon-seon
ST, Yang Yoon-seon
ST, Yang Yoon-seon

  If you are nervous, you may fail due to a mistake you did not make during practice. I’ve experienced it, too. I failed because of an unexpected traffic light violation and speeding, not because of my weakness. I hope Soongsilians will be informed beforehand, and get their licenses right away.


Yang Yoon-seon (ST Reporter)

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