Let’s Get Rid of Hate
Let’s Get Rid of Hate
  • Yeom Da-yeon (ST Reporter)
  • 승인 2021.01.02 16:56
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  It seems that we are now living in the age of hate. There is so much hatred around us that it is hard to find anyone who is not subject to hate. A phrase intensity of the expression is getting stronger through the online medium. Based on the characteristics of anonymity and lack o related to this topic are taboo because it is a sensitive and uncomfortable subject. While hidden, the proponent of hate will attack its target. In particular, the a trend. According to a survey, more than 90 percent of respondents said they were exposed to hate speech. Hate is everywhere. In our society, arguments from a recently released song, “Why is everyone angry?” reveals the problems facing our society. The hand-to-mouth hate speech is being used to persist as f restrictions on time and space, online sites where hate speech is used freely are constantly emerging. The dictionary definition of hate means to ‘dislike and shun’.

  But the hate in our society is more than just what the dictionary is telling us. In other words, it means to despise and In Korea, like in the United States, there is no legislation that directly regulates hate speech under the current law. has a law on limiting hate speech, while the United States does not impose direct restrictions on the freedom of expression. on the seriousness of the problem. As a result, discussions on regulations dealing with hate speech have been brisk. Europe ostracize certain individuals or groups on the grounds of race, gender, origin, etc. without reason. Everyone would agree.

  In particular, only passive regulations are being implemented due to concerns that legislation could excessively violate ‘freedom of expression’. It is true that freedom of expression in a democratic country should be treated with importance as a fundamental right to freedom.









  However, the protection of free expression of opinions can only be justified under certain obligations and responsibilities. No victim should exist in order right, not a safeguard for hate speech aimed at inciting violence and slandering. for an individual’s right to pursue freedom to jeopardize the equality and freedom of others. Remember that free expression of opinions is a basic human for hate speech to go unpunished. Of course, you can claim that the target is unrestricted, but there is no such thing anywhere. It does not mean that it is okay.

  The alternatives that have been discussed so far have mostly post-mortem characteristics. The important thing is not just to suppress and mask hate accordingly. Furthermore, alternatives under a proactive nature are also necessary. speech. It is vital to determine what caused these hate speeches to come out, and people must figure out what they are doing so that a solution can be made.

  To deal with the problem, we need a social atmosphere in which free discussions are possible, rather than condoning arguments related to hate. You and use may actually be attacking someone, so it is necessary to look into hate yourself. Hate is a social phenomenon that cann should be able to tell ‘uncomfortable’ stories easily and comfortably. It is natural to feel hate throughout life. However, the expressions we easily encounter ot be neglected, and it must preferences. be resolved. We must move beyond hate and discrimination to an era of co-prosperity and co-existence. Now, it’s time for us to delete hate and upload our preferences.




Yeom Da-yeon (ST Reporter)ydy1213@soongsil.ac.kr








Yeom Da-yeon (ST Reporter)


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