Inner Beauty, the Real Beauty of This Era (feat. Tips from Soongsilians)
Inner Beauty, the Real Beauty of This Era (feat. Tips from Soongsilians)
  • Kim Seo-young (Planning Editor)
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Soongsilians, do you know what inner beauty is all about? Inner beauty has become a trend, as the number of people in their 20s and 30s investing to cultivate their inner appearance, that is by keeping their skin healthy, is increasing rapidly. ST interviewed Soongsilians who care about their inner beauty. .........................................................................................................................................Ed

     As interest in health increases, the standards of beauty are also changing. The importance of ‘inner beauty,’ which means being beautiful from the inside rather than the splendor on the outside, is being emphasized. No matter how expensive the cosmetics that are applied on the face, if the inside of our body is not healthy, clear, and glossy skin is nothing but a ‘picture rice cake.’ ‘Inner Beauty’ is a  combination of the terms, ‘inner’ and ‘beauty,’ which means finding beauty by taking care of our health first. In other words, health and beauty can be enhanced through food intake and physical care, not temporary and artificial methods. The skin is part of the body, so the skin and body cannot be thought of separately. No matter how well you take care of your skin, if you develop a disease or age inside your body, there is a limit to just taking care of your skin.

     For this reason, the ‘Real Beauty Life’ has soared in popularity in recent years. It is about gaining additional inner beauty through high-quality proteins, such as collagen, and vitamins and minerals that are rich in antioxidants. The importance of inner beauty foods is emphasized because it is difficult to fill all the nutrients the skin wants with only food and cosmetics. Vegetables and fruits are good for health and the skin, but it takes a really large amount of nutrients, and it is not easy to plan a diet. Due to the development of diet regimens and cultural life, interest in inner beauty has increased, and products have been released to make it easier and simpler to take care of health and beauty at once without hassle. They are the products of ‘inner beauty’ that we know.
     Regardless of age, inner beauty needs attention from an early age, and we must watch our physical health, including intestinal health. So, ST interviewed Soongsilians, who are interested in inner beauty, and found out how they cultivate and take care of their inner beauty in their own way.

Q1. What made you interested in inner beauty? 

ST, Jeong A-hyun
ST, Jeong A-hyun

[Kim Min-jeong/Female/21/Chemical Engineering]

     Since the exam period began, I had to stay up all night, and go to school more often. Due to my busy schedule, I naturally gave up on my daily sheet masks time or night skin care routine. My life became irregular, and I couldn’t take care of my skin. I wondered, “Can I manage my skin simply by eating?” Also, functional cosmetics that ensure skin elasticity and skin improvement inevitably contain chemical ingredients. It turns out that while the skin can become sensitive or tired, inner beauty takes care of both our health and skin.

Q2. Tell us about the inner beauty products that you’re taking and their effects!

     I’m taking ‘Ever Collagen’ and ‘Inner Skin Jelly Stick.’ ‘Ever Collagen’ was such a popular product since the emergence of Inner Beauty among young people. So, I bought it with the intention of relieving my tired skin even a little bit. The effect was definitely different. Before I started taking ‘Ever Collagen’, my skin was so dry, and it used to get dry so quickly. After taking it, my skin became moist, which appeared to have come from deep inside my skin. Additionally, ‘Inner Skin Jelly Stick’ is a product that I received after applying to join a test group. I became interested in inner beauty after I came across ‘Ever Collagen’. I liked the fact that I could take hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, and Vitamin C.

Q1. What do you usually eat to obtain inner beauty? 

ST, Kim Seo-young
ST, Kim Seo-young

[Keon Hee/Male/25/ Department of Entrepreneurship and Small Business]

     First, I usually take plenty of stuff for my skin and physical health. I take about four items: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, digestive enzymes, and silymarin. Vitamin C is very good for skin vitality and whitening, but it is difficult to take fruits when living alone. So, I take Vitamin C pills every day, instead of fruits. Also, Vitamin D is taken to strengthen the skin barrier. I don’t want to see my skin get worse anymore.

Q2. Do you have your own lifestyle to take care of your health or your body?

    I can’t digest very well, and I just happened to learn about digestive enzymes while talking to my friend. Now, I’m the only one taking them regularly. If you take digestive enzymes every day, you can digest well and benefit from good body circulation, so your skin will improve as well! Finally, I was surprised to see that my liver level has risen after taking plenty of medications. Then, I started to take Silymarin (hepatic protective agent) diligently. I definitely felt it was helpful against chronic fatigue. Also, I made up my mind to wake up at 8 a.m., eat breakfast, and work out at the gym for two hours regularly. I was just skinny before, but I was proud that people around me could see that my body was changing for the better. The true beauty master also takes care of Inner Beauty. You can choose different products for each beauty concern, such as maintaining skin moisturization and improving cholesterol levels. Why don’t you fill out an inner beauty prescription that is tailored for you? “Healthy beauty begins from inside the body.”


Kim Seo-young (Planning Editor)

Jeong A-hyun (ST Cub-Reporter)

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