CES 2023 IT Technology Trends
CES 2023 IT Technology Trends
  • Lee You-bin (ST Reporter)
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As technology improves over time, Soongsilians are naturally interested in its developments. Do you know the program that features the developments in technology and the year’s trends in IT(Information Technology)? If you are interested in technology, you may follow this event. ST covered the CES(Consumer Electronics Show), so everyone can follow it easily ............................................Ed


     What technologies did Korean companies show at CES? Samsung Electronics introduced ‘Odyssey OLED G9’. It is the world’s first dual UHD(Ultra High Definition) resolution curved gaming monitor. It transmits an image without distortion, while boasting extreme resolution. They also introduced the ‘Flex Hybrid,’ a product that can even serve as a tablet with just one phone. LG Electronics unveiled ‘LG OLED EVO.’ Its major feature is the technology of adjusting brightness by subdividing each scene of an image. SK operated the exhibition in two zones under the theme of ‘action.’ The first section showed a world that could emerge when it is not acting properly against the climate change crisis, and the second section showed a city made with SK’s carbon-reducing energy technology.

     The CTA(Consumer Technology Association) presents the ‘CES Innovation Awards’ for evaluating technology, design, and consumer value in a total of 28 categories for CES entries every year. Among the award-winning products, the best products in each category will be honored with the ‘Best of Innovation Awards.’ Nine out of 20 companies that won the ‘Best Innovation Awards’ at CES 2023 were Korean companies, and Korea won the most among all participating countries. Out of the nine Korean companies that won the Best Innovation Awards, five venture and startup companies won more than the four largest companies that won the Best Innovation Awards. This is the highest record ever for ventures and startups.


  • Four IT Trends Focus at CES

     1. Web 3.0 & Metaverse

     The 3rd generation Internet ‘Web 3.0’ and 3D virtual reality ‘Metaverse,’ which provide customized information based on artificial intelligence and block chain, are expected to become major trends in the future ICT(Information and Communications Technologies) industry. The metaverse evolves into two main parts: virtualization and immersion. First, virtualization will create services that virtually provide specific actions in various fields in the future. This means that short-lived services will emerge for specific actions in certain areas, such as 3D shopping and 3D conference rooms. Immersion is a way of utilizing virtual space. It is a simulation that uses digital twin technology, which will be mainly used in industrial fields.

     2. Mobility 

     Related to future mobility, focusing on autonomous driving, electric vehicles, connected cars, and vehicle software, new technologies are expected to maintain their status as the mainstay of future industries. The CTA predicted that ‘In-Vehicle Experience’ will take place in the future. This means that competition will merge to document the time that passengers spend inside the transportation that runs on its own. In the future, screens will be installed throughout the vehicle, and competition for various voice control systems will intensify.

     3. Digital Health

     As interests in health increased since the pandemic, the trend of digital transformation in healthcare is accelerating. Areas such as personal health care, diagnosis, and treatment are changing, and related major technologies are being advanced through complex innovation. Health technology is expected to develop into two main parts: telemedicine and fitness technology. Telemedicine is literally a service that diagnoses and treats diseases remotely. However, this is illegal in Korea, so the level of technological advancement and investment by domestic companies is expected to be relatively weak. Nevertheless, as psychiatric counseling can be conducted online, many services such as mental care are expected to be released.

     4. Sustainability

     The main flow through various industries and technology sectors of CES 2023 is ‘sustainability’. Technological innovation is expected to contribute to humanity’s sustainability, including energy conservation, power production improvement, food shortage resolution, and smart city construction. Sustainability, such as ESG management and carbon reduction, is now an essential value across all industries. The ‘ambisumer,’ a compound word consisting of the words, ambivalent and consumer, means a person who consumes according to individual beliefs and values. In the future, as ‘ambisumers’ lead the market, the diversification of technologies and services that contribute to sustainability is expected to be maximized.


     CES 2024 will be held next January. CES is an exhibition where major electronics companies around the world display various high-tech products, so we can see the trend of IT at once. If there is a Soongsilian who is interested in the IT field, ST recommends you to visit CES next year.


Lee You-bin (ST Reporter)


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