How Color in Movies Work
How Color in Movies Work
  • Min Jeong-ung
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Movies are one of the contents that are loved by many people. With movie theaters and OTT (Over-The-Top) services, many people can enjoy movies anywhere. As any movie is one step closer to us, I think we need to get to know the movie well. ST learned about the 6:3:1 rule, which is the law of movies. If you know this rule, you will be able to enjoy the movie much more. ......Ed

ST, Min Jeong-ung
ST, Min Jeong-ung

     Sometimes, when you watch a movie, you can get the impression that the colors in a movie are different from what is real. Let us use a scene in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel as an example. You can get the feeling that you are looking at the scene with pink-tinted glasses. Although this might be an extreme example, the movie is colored this way because the use of color in movies is not just an accident or a mistake but intentional, made to convey a certain emotion or meaning. It is called color theory.

ST, Min Jeong-ung
ST, Min Jeong-ung

     An element of color theory is the 6:3:1 rule. The 6:3:1 rule states that you should use the main color, the supporting color, and the highlight color in a 6:3:1 ratio on the screen, an artistic concept older than the idea of movies itself. The main color, which will take up 60% of the screen, sets the tone and feel of the scene. A depressing scene might use a dull grey color as the main color, while a sci-fi film might use a silver color to enhance the alien, high-tech nature of the surroundings. The supporting color supports the main color by adding depth and richness to the scene, as well as providing contrast when needed. Finally, the highlight color is usually a vibrant color that contrasts with the main color, providing visual contrast and highlighting certain things. An example of such use of highlight color can be seen in the following example.

     The next time you watch a movie in the theaters or at home, considering these elements might give you new insight into your favorite films. Most directors not only show the tone and feel of the scene with colors, but also show the feeling of characters and core themes with such a visual representation. Knowing about such ideas can enhance your cinema experience in meaningful ways. If you love cinema, learning about these ideas can be a blast!

Min Jeong-ung (News Editor)

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