Starting of Healthy Food Per Meal, One Plate Bowl
Starting of Healthy Food Per Meal, One Plate Bowl
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People living alone or living abroad are burdened with the increasingly high cost of eating out due to soaring prices. Nevertheless, a new eating trend is rapidly emerging for modern people who do not have time to prepare food themselves. This 'one plate' consists of rice, side dishes, and main menus in one plate. ST would like to introduce one plate and healthy snack recipes through the article. ...............Ed

     What kind of food is on your table? ST sure that there are some Soongsilians who have difficulty even eating a meal since new semester begins in March. In the era of high prices, the cost of dining out around 10,000 won has become a burden. It is too much for college students who don‘t have time to cook themselves. In this situation, a new trend of home-cooked meals has recently emerged. It is called one plate. This means rice, side dishes, and main menus on one plate. It is believed that the recent increase in the number of single person households has led to the creation of a culture of eating alone. This can control the number of meals to eat as much as you want, so you can manage your diet. In addition, it is also an advantage that you can show yourself eating a sincere meal through emotional plating, such as arranging side dishes with similar colors or using pretty plates. Then, ST would recommend carefully selected one plate bowl and healthy snack recipe.

ST, Lee Yu-jeong
ST, Lee Yu-jeong

Chicken Breast One Plate

     The ingredients for the chicken breast one plate are as follows. Chicken breast, vegetables, olive oil, low-calorie sauce, brown rice, shiitake mushrooms, and pepper. 1. Cut chicken breast and shiitake mushrooms into cubes. 2. Grease a heated pan with olive oil and stir-fry the cut chicken breast and shiitake mushrooms over medium heat. 3. Sprinkle pepper over stir-fried chicken breast and shiitake mushrooms to suit your taste. 4. Place your parents' vegetables, brown rice, stir-fried chicken breast, and shiitake mushrooms in a bowl. 5. Sprinkle the prepared low-calorie sauce on the stir-fried chicken breast and shiitake mushrooms. If Soongsilians search for low-calorie sauces on the market, can find sauces such as seasoned chicken and teriyaki that contain less sugar. 6. You can have a healthy and simple meal by mixing or eating the plated ingredients separately.

ST, Lee Yu-jeong
ST, Lee Yu-jeong

Chives Cream Cheese Bagel

     The ingredients of the chives cream cheese bagel are as follows. 1-2 bagels, 100g cream cheese, 3 chives, 70g bacon, a little pepper, and 1/2 spoon of oligosaccharide. According to preference, to add or subtract materials can be allowed. 1. Prepare the bacon, cut it into small pieces, and stir-fry it in a dry ungreased pan. 2. Peel the chives, hang them clean, and cut them into small pieces. 3. Put chopped chives and bacon in cream cheese and sprinkle with pepper as much as you like. Here, if Soongsilians want to eat sweeter, add half a spoon of oligosaccharide. 4. Cut the bagel in half and bake it in a dry pan over medium heat. 5. Apply the chives cream cheese made on one side of the baked bagel and combine it with the other side. 6. Plating the completed chives cream cheese bagel with fruit in a bowl is complete.

Greek Yogurt Ice-cream

     The ingredients needed to make greek yogurt ice cream are as follows. It is a generous amount of greek yogurt and a topping that suits your taste. Dessert can only use greek yogurt. However, if Soongsilians want to taste sweeter ice cream, ST also recommend stevia in greek yogurt. 1. Spread Greek yogurt on vinyl or paper foil. 2. Pour the prepared ingredients onto the evenly sliced greek yogurt. Recommended toppings are fruits such as strawberries and bananas, nuts, oatmeal, granola. 3. Freeze the finished product in the freezer for 2-3 hours. 4. After freezing it all, cut it into bite-size pieces with hands.


Lee Yu-jeong (Web Editor)

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