Digging Momentum
Digging Momentum
  • Park Seo-jin (ST Reporter)
  • 승인 2023.07.03 23:15
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Have you ever heard of the term, ‘Digging Momentum’? It is probably a term that feels unfamiliar. Digging momentum is an act of digging deeply into a field that suits one’s taste on a subject. Although the term digging momentum may be unfamiliar, it is used tremendously in our daily lives. Let us find out what Digging Momentum is, and some examples
of Digging Momentum with ST. ......Ed 

     Digging momentum is the act and method of digging deep into a field that suits one's taste in a specific subject. It is a term that refers to being immersed in something you like for your own happiness and growth. As one of the 10 trends introduced in the book ‘Trend Korea 2023’, if excessive immersion was a problem on the same line as addiction in the past, today’s digging momentum is used in a slightly more positive direction. The most important thing in the lifestyle of today's generation is preference. If it suits their preference, consumers spend time and effort to find something different from others. Then, what are the digging momentum in our daily lives?

     Digging can be roughly divided into three types. First, conceptual digging. The over-immersion study method among students corresponds to this. Hermione, law school, high school, etc. There are various types. This digging momentum starts with self-suggestions while repeating the concept with detailed settings. In the end, it is to capture a connotative image that you like and can relate to, use it as a concept. Also this method increases efficiency by focusing on your studies. Content that suits your taste is automatically created and recommended in the application, which makes it easy to use the content that suits you through an algorithm.

     Second, relational digging. In the past, it was called Deokhu, but in the case of relational digging, it makes people with common preferences interact. Idol fandom, which we often think of, is a representative example, but besides this, movie fandoms such as Marvel, Japanese animation, Star Wars, and Star Trek are also examples of relational digging. The relationship formed naturally through this digging expands the role of consumers. In addition, in the process of communicating with each other, they discover things they did not know and become more and more immersed.

     Third, collectible digging. The subject of the most attention these days is the character. The craze for Pokemon bread has attracted collector diggers who get satisfaction from collecting certain objects or experiences. In addition to this, marketing using characters is being used in various fields. It does not stop at simply collecting the goods of your favorite character, but consumes related content. In particular, character goods called BT21, made in collaboration with BTS, have also increased people's immersion. It is not simply a one-time thing, but it is characterized by creating a story, followed by bragging about what one has collected. This suggests that collectible digging is related to the consumption method.


In addition to this, watching the same movie several times is also digging momentum. There are several fields such as over-immersion discussions related to MBTI. In the end, what we pursue through digging momentum is the happiness of life that can be obtained through it. Since everyone has digging momentum, it should be utilized in a way that enriches our lives. 


Park Seo-jin (ST Reporter)


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