New Job-Guaranteed Major in SSU
New Job-Guaranteed Major in SSU
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     LG U+ anounced cyber safety innovation plan to respond for personal information protection and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and strengthen existing security quality, and will establish an information security department in cooperation with SSU. The total number of recruits for the information security department in 2024 is 20, and 4 are selected for the information protection specialist process.

ST, Lee hyun-jun
ST, Lee hyun-jun

     Students who win information protection-related competitions approved by SSU can apply for the information protection specialist recruiting process. Lee Jung-hyun, head of the Department of Information Protection at SSU, said, “The future is expected as SSU can show synergy with the IT (Information Technology) capabilities it has accumulated so far. When hardware is created, software technology and networking technology that can connect it are needed. Managing the data sent and received by the networking also becomes important. It is a key area of our department’s education. A new department has been established, but our university has already achieved many achievements in the field of information protection. For example, it advances almost every year to the finals of prestigious hacking competitions such as Defconn. If the department of information protection provides systematic education in the future, it is expected to perform better than now.’ It was revealed that.”

     The Department of Information Protection operates as a four-year undergraduate course, and provides full tuition and a small living support fund for all enrolled students for two years.

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