Young Love-Making ②
Young Love-Making ②
  • Shin Hyun-a, Seol Gyu-seong
  • 승인 2013.06.27 02:19
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Spreading conceptions, lacking responsibility
There used to be an implicit level of physical affection between men and women. This is the good old basic routine: holding hands, hugging, kissing, hugging, touching in a more intense way, and the final you-know-what part. Some people who choose to preserve their virginity put the brakes on such level. They wait for their marriage to have sexual intercourse. As people feel more freely about sex nowadays, however, they rarely preserve their virginity, and the “levels and routines” of physical contact have become more diverse. For example, some couples start kissing each other on day 1. Some even go to bed together right after they meet at a blind date. Thus, sexual intercourse is becoming more and more essential to love relationships among young people.
▲ A motel near by SSU, with students going in and out
ST checked out a motel where people usually go to rest or to have sexual intercourse. We found out about the motel located in front of our school. For many reasons, we couldn’t get information about the exact number of their customers, or any data regarding their customers, but we did find out that most of our students go there to make love instead of looking for a place to stay for the night. In fact, they stay there only for a few hours. In Shinchon, where the universities are dense, the motels were aware of this kind of demand, and they changed the way they charge: they used to charge per room, but now, they charge 5,000 won an hour. The changed sex life of the university students has even changed the charge system in the motel industry.
The new culture of pleasure that has been formed in this social trend has paved the way for the “One-night stand.” What this means is that rather than getting together with a person in a lengthy love relationship, you meet up with people you have just met (via chatting, night clubs, etc.) and have sex with them. The sexual intercourse isn’t really based on love but is engaged in only to satisfy their lust, and they tend to treat love and sex as two completely separate things.
As can be seen in [Diagram 3], the answer that received the most votes was “It does not seem absolutely right, but it can still be accepted.” People are pretty used to the idea of “only-physical lovemaking.”As adults have the right of self-determination with regard to their sexual life, we can’t say that certain acts are good or bad via the law, but there are still some questionable and worrisome matters that have to be addressed beforehand.
First of all, the matter of sanitation and physical health is worrisome. When going on one-night stands, your partner changes very often compared to having sexual intercourse only with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Thus, you are more exposed to the danger of catching venereal diseases (VDs). In a study conducted on 1,000 adult men with VDs, almost 60% of the population said that they caught the VD from the practice of changing their sex partners.
One more worrisome thing is that unlike animals, human beings have rationality and judgment. If people ignore these and only look for ways to satisfy their lust and desire for pleasure, the dignity and sanctity of human beings will be deteriorated. The whole society will become decadent, and social chaos is likely to occur. We shouldn’t be so ill at ease or try to cover up sex, as the older people do, yet this trend of free sex does not necessarily allow us to live a disorderly life, rationalizing and saying, “It’s a free society, and I can do absolutely whatever I want.”


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